Coming to the UK as an investor brings the opportunity for you and your family to live and if you wish, to work in the UK. The UK has specific immigration measures in place which for a minimum investment of £2 million will secure your visa to the UK. In addition, the rules provide a fast track to settlement for high-value investors (the so-called ‘super investors’) who wish come to the country and invest larger sums of money - £5 or £10 million. In recognising that high net worth individuals often wish to split their time between the UK and overseas, the UK government has also relaxed the residency rules in order that these individuals can still proceed to apply for settlement in due course, whilst being able to spend up to 6 months of the year outside of the UK.

Visa requirements:

When you apply for the Investor visa, you must have either:
• A minimum of £2,000,000 of your own money held in a regulated financial institution (such as a bank or building society) in the UK

• No need to prove your level of English language as you would for other categories such as Tier 1 Entrepreneur.

• No requirement to have entrepreneurial or business plans and the ability to work freely and carry out business in the UK once here.

Your spouse or civil partner and any unmarried dependent children aged 18 or under can apply to accompany you to the UK as your dependents.

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