I chose Astor Visas service via a friend referral. I had a refusal in my sole representative visa application that I made by myself. I just realised that the visa application is complicated so I decided to use a prefessional advice. I am very glad that Zhao Jing is a right choise and my application went very successful in the end. I will definitely use their service again and recommend Astor Visas to other people.
-- Judy

I found Astor Visas via OISC website. The website looks very credibal and I had a very credible first meeting as well which helped me to decide to choose Astor Visas. I am very impressed by the caseworker Zhao Jing's professional knowledge. My wife is Chinese and I am British. I understand a few Chinese. I did the first Spouse visa application for my wife but without success. My wife needs a Chinese speaking caseworker to help her understand the application process. In the end, I am happy to use Astor Visas and the communication among us is very smoothly. My wife's spouse visa application went well in one go and when I received the outcome within 2 weeks, I can't even belive that it was so quick to receive her visa. Thank you Astor Visas and we will definitely use your service again and recommend you to other friends.
-- Mr. I

I am Italian and my parents are over 90 years old with Iranian passports. I found Astor Visas from OISC search engine as it is the nearest Immigration advisor near where I lived. Luckily, after a few communication I trust Jean's professional advice and I felt a lot relief after I signed up their service. In the end, with Jean's assistance, my parents settlement applications went successful. I will recommend Astor Visas to my other friends for sure.
-- Mr. Q